At Sports Education Network, we are strong believer that Character Matters in how we exercise leadership on ourselves, relate with each other and growing eventually to lead others.


"Character Matters; Leadership descends from Character"

Rush Limbaugh




The youths today have unprecedented opportunities to access information, knowledge and ideas in the super highway of exploding information, known as the internet. As much as the internet opens up many opportunities, it also brings with it clouds of confusion that threaten the healthy development in their identity, character and social-emotional


We believe that authentic character development is being intentional in developing the moral and performance aspects of character. The moral aspects lay the foundation for knowing the right and the performance aspects serve as strength to foster an ethic of excellence and resolve, that is needed to act upon what is moral.


The moral and performance character are mutually supportive of each other in developing a character of excellence that serves as a compass for Virtuous Leadership.


"Leadership is an active, living process. It is rooted in character,

forged by experience, and communicated by example"

John Baldoni



Leadership and its potential is in everyone. It stems from who we are, our personality, competencies, values and character.


Leadership is practiced daily in all of our lives regardless of our awareness. How we make our decisions, forge relationships and grow ourselves.


The journey of nurturing leaders must begin with awareness of self and guidance in exercising leadership to lead oneself, intentionally to increase one's capacity to love and capacity to work.

Using the opportunities in one's life journey to learn, grow and exercise the humility to lead with others.


Growing eventually in character maturity and competencies to lead others.

Start your leadership learning journey today