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Camp Arete is birth out of the passion by a team of coaches with over 20 years of coaching experiences in competitive and elite athletes. It is knowing how sports skill learning, mastery and competition can reveal and transform every individual's character. Sports learning and game play provides a platform for fun, enjoyment and more importantly the nurturance of the mind and character to pursue excellence.

Arete Attitude

I can Try, I can Learn

I can give my Best Attention & Effort

I can be Patient & Discipline

I can Listen, I can Encourage

I can be a Good Team Player -

to contribute, to initiate & to share.

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Children's Race


  • Creating a platform to teach children good Fundamental Movement Skills in a fun way.

  • A place to foster Authentic Friendships.

  • A channel to learn that Character Matters in becoming a person of Excellence.

“Athletic development is based on the development of Fundamental Movement Skills before sport-specific skills.”

Vern Gambetta

Most Great Learning Happens In Groups. Collaboration Is The Stuff Of Growth.

Sir Ken Robinson

Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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