Committed to making a difference

Founded by a few passionate character and sports coaches, Sports Education Network is established in year 2013 with the passion of shaping the character of youths to become a virtuous person of excellence. Our passion for using physical activities as a platform to solicit positive values learning and character strength building over the years have help us developed an effective approach to character development in our youths.


Empowering The Next Generation To Lead


Touching Hearts, Moulding Lives, Living Passionately





Moral Literarcy
Competency in knowing what is right & wrong.

The development in the capacity to identify ethical issues, exercise moral reasoning and motivate right ethical actions.

Character Strength
Heart to Care and Strength to Act.

The moral and performance aspects of character are mutually supportive. The moral aspects, besides enabling us to treat each other with fairness, respect, and care, ensure that we pursue our performance goals in ethical rather than unethical ways. We don’t lie, cheat, steal, or exploit other people in order to succeed; rather, our performance efforts contribute positively to the lives of others. The performance aspects of our character, in turn, enable us to action our moral values and make a positive difference in the world.

Practical Wisdom
Skills for Life & Relationships
The mastery of a sets of life skills and virtues centered from the moral domain that seek the right way to do the right thing and foster positive relationships.




A character development methodology

that nurtures young people
to foster

Moral Literacy

Character Strength
and develop

Practical Wisdom
that will first set them

the right path
to lead themselves,
expand their aptitude

to lead with others
and the eventual

moral character

to lead others.



OUR approach


At SEN, Leadership Growth are being nurtured over 3 stages:

The Primary Stage

Leading SELF (Inner Life Growth)

The ability to lead oneself is the genesis of leadership growth. "It is having a developed sense of who you are, what you can do, where you are going coupled with the ability to influence your communication,  emotions and behavior on the way to getting there."

(Bryant, Kazan 2012).

The Secondary Stage

Leading with Others (Team Player)

The stepping stone towards becoming an authentic leader is learning that leadership is not about "me", but about "us". It is not self-serving , but serving others. It is not about "I" win, but "we" win. It is having the humility first to honour others over trying to gain respect or approval from others.

The Tertiary Stage

Leading Others (Team Builder)

All leadership journeys begin at the personal level and through the right nurturance of character. They will continue to increase in their physical and emotional competencies that will eventually set them up to emerge as a virtuous leader that serve.